We have high expectations about how beautiful the hair extension makes us, but we seldom consider much about how to take good care of them. Hair extension also needs regular care by the users. In that way you can use hair extensions as long as you expect. Our hair is naturally protected by our internal biological oil but not for the tape in hair extension. Therefore, we need to take good care of the hair extensions so as to extend their valid period. Here we list some tips for you top on the usage of tape in hair extensions.


10 Tips You Should Know on Using Tape in Extensions | COOVIP


1. Keep Far Away from the Silicone Products

Now many hair care products contain silicone, especially shampoo and hair conditioners. Silicone shampoo helps hair get smooth and tender with its particular chemical nature. However, it prevents the hair extensions from tying tightly to your natural hair. Meantime your hair may suffer from pressure and oily caused by the delicate extension bonds.   

2. Avoid Oil Products on Your Head

We’re supposed to smear the oil or hair conditioners products from the mid-lower part of your hair to avoid the residuals at the root since it would weaken the tape. But it’s acceptable to use the oil-based solution products on your hair when you remove the tape from your hair.

3. Wait 48 Hours for Washing After Applying the Hair Extensions

Don’t rush to wash your hair after installation, because the tape needs time to take effect otherwise the hair extensions don’t act well.

4. Wash Your Hair Properly

Use a suitable shampoo to clean up your hair instead of washing it too harshly to remove the dirt from your scalp. Because rubbing on the hair can easily loose off the extension bonds.

5. Don’t Comb Your Hair Too Harsh

The tape in hair extension becomes easily loose off after combing the hair.

6. Tie the Ponytail or Braid to Your Hair While Sleeping

When sleeping, you probably toss about in bed. In that case your hair extensions may displace or get twisted easily. Tying up your hair with braid can protect the hair extension from being loose and messy.  

7. Don’t Fall Asleep in Wet Extensions

The joint between your hair and the extensions can get weaken while you go to bed with your wet hair. So don’t fall asleep before drying your hair in order to keep the extension bonds stable.

8. No Flat Iron on the Tape Bonds

Don’t blend on the tape bonds with the flat since it can weaken the efficiency of tape on the bonds. Please remember this rule well.

9. No Heat Until Your Hair Becomes 80% to 90% Dry.

 It’s recommended to start blowing up your hair after it becomes 80% to 90% dry naturally. Before heating, the tape bonds can recover from energy for recycling use.

10. Clean and Treat Your Hair in Proper Way

Not only for maintaining the hair extensions, it’s a routine hair care rule that you should follow in daily life. Use shampoo on the root simply for cleaning up your scalp while no pressure on the hair extensions. Then moisture with hair conditioners on the lower part of your hair to help keep healthy.  


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