So many people are annoyed with their born thin hair or hair loss, especially ladies. And they would like to go to the salon for hair extensions even if it takes a long time to wait in line. Wearing gorgeous hair makes you feel good all day, but spending another time removing the tape in hair extensions in the salon is also tiring. Actually, you can remove the tape in hair extensions totally by yourself with the hair extension tape remover at your convenience. The Hair extension tape remover products can be obtained and operated easily.  

How to Remove Tape in Extensions Without Damage: The Tape Remover in Glue Type

Prepare the hair extension tape remover you buy from a reliable and reputable hair beauty shop. Now many hair extension tape products are sold attached with the hair extensions tape remover. The best hair extensions tape remover yields twice the result with half the effort. We recommend you select a type of tape remover above medium price so that your cherished hair won’t get hurt after the removing work.

There are different types of hair extensions tape removers to pick up from the market, such as the glue type, swab paper. Although they seem different in appearance, all these hair extensions tape removers are of the same nature that is made of oil-based chemical matter which can dissolve the tape glued on the hair. The hair extensions tape remover is not greasy and easy to use. So, it’s very highly recommended to try tape removal products by yourself at home. Here we have some positive advice on removing the tape in hair extensions so that you can feel free to DIY at home. The type of hair extensions tape remover we introduce here is the tape remover in glue type.

STEP1: Hold Your Hair by Hairpin in Place


The Best Method You Should Know: How to Remove Tape in Extensions | COOVIP


Firstly, bring out the tape in extensions by moving your hair from one side to the other side. If the tape in extensions is scattered on your hair, then separate it in several areas and begin from one area to another area. Hold your hair by hairpin in place so that the hair won’t turn forwards and backwards, disturbing the following work. Make sure you can see the tape on the hair very clearly in the mirror.

STEP2: Simply Dripping a Few Drops on the Joint and Keep Twisting


The Best Method You Should Know: How to Remove Tape in Extensions | COOVIP


Secondly, drip a little of the hair extension tape remover glue onto the joint applied with the hair extension tape, leaving it for about 2 minutes so that the tape remover glue dissolves the tape deeply and effectively. Don’t spray with the remover glue since it causes unnecessary waste and does harm to your hair. A few drops each time are easier to control and act effectively. After that, rub the joint gently meanwhile the hair extensions will peel off instantly. Don’t tug on too much as you can damage your hair and extensions. Some adhesive residue may stay on the hair. But don’t worry, just repeat the steps mentioned above, simply dropping a few drops on the joint and keep twisting. Then comb the hair downwards to drive the tape remover out of your hair. Go on with the whole process of the tape removing work from part to part until all the hair extensions are removed totally from your hair.

STEP3: Be Patient and Keep Practicing Frequently


The Best Method You Should Know: How to Remove Tape in Extensions | COOVIP


If the tape seems thick and difficult to remove, just keep patient and drip a little bit more remover on the tape. You can feel the tape dissolved or not by touching with fingers and peel it off after it dissolved. Sometimes you may feel frustrated in operating the hair work when you can’t get success at the first time. Just be patient and keep practicing frequently. I always believe that practice makes perfect. Whenever finishing the hair tape removing work, remember sealing off the product in case of effectiveness loss.   


The Best Method You Should Know: How to Remove Tape in Extensions | COOVIP


Besides the glue type, you can also try the hair tape removing products in swab type. The swab remover is a kind of makeup puff saturated with solvent solution. Instead of dripping, you rub on the hair extensions with the saturated makeup puffs for a few minutes and then gently peel off the hair extensions from your natural hair which is just similar to the operation with liquid type. Generally, the price of the swab type of hair tape remover should be a little higher than the glue type. You can choose any type of hair extension tape removing products that you like depending on your desired needs.

Keep Cleaning up the Tape in Hair Extensions Everyday

DIY on hair beauty seems time consuming but it definitely turns out economically and effectively. You can do your beautiful hair at any time you like. Here are some tips for you to protect your hair during the days applying with the tape in hair extensions and tape remover. We suggest cleaning up the tape in hair extensions every day to let your hair keep energetic. But if you prefer wearing the hair extensions for longer than keep it for no more than eight weeks in order to release your natural hair from the tearing of the hair extensions. After each time removing the tape from your hair, wash your hair as normal with the shampoo and hair conditioner which will protect your hair from getting rid of the chemical damage and stay healthy. If your hair comes to very dry, use the deep conditioner instead. Don’t worry that the hair extensions will impact your hair growth. Your hair can get shiny and normal as long as you get treatment after each time put on the hair extensions and take off with the tape in hair extensions.


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