If you have to stay at home for the reason of force majeure, then you have to deal with your tape in hair extensions by hand. This article is specially for those people who need to make the removal of tape in hair extension by themselves at home. It’s a topic about the way to clear off the tape in hair extensions and recover at home.

Tape in hair extensions is popular with people for their easy operation and charming look. You won’t feel heavy loaded and uncomfortable when putting on the hair extensions. In that case you also love to keep wearing it longer.

Basically, the tape in extensions can be kept in for 4-8 weeks evenly.
High quality tape in hair extensions is easier to take off and keep in good condition than low quality or synthetic hair extensions. You can find useful information about how to remove and refit the hair extensions properly from the following passage. It’s easy to learn even for new comer.

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Taking off Tape in Hair Extensions at Home | COOVIPHAIR

Taking off Tape in Hair Extensions at Home

When taking off the hair extension makes you feel tearing-up, it may be wrong operation.  You can make use of your hair oil to smooth up the whole process.  

To avoid damage to your original hair, you can try using the tape remover to reduce the fraction. The tape remover is specially designed and made without alcoholic ingredients and added with citrus oils for healthy use.

The Process of Removing and Reusing Tape in Extension

Tip 1: Remove the Tape

The Process of Removing and Reusing Tape in Extension | COOVIPHAIR

Hold your hair to the other side to find where the tape is located. Smear the take remover on the tape and wait for a little time. Massage your hair so that the tape remover can permeate completely and function well. Knead the tape on extensions for a while and break up the tape into two parts.

Tip 2: Discard the Tape

The Process of Removing and Reusing Tape in Extension | COOVIPHAIR

After using oil on your hair and extensions, then we’d better move to the washroom to continue on the next step.

Place your extension under the tape with one hand and try to tear the whole tape off at one time. Maybe you feel the root of the hair extension is a little sticky. Don't worry. The new tape can be secured firmly with its help.

Tip 3: Clean Your Extensions

The difficult thing is cleaning the hair extensions before reapplication of the tape. You have to ensure that the locks and tape remover are washed completely.

The reapplication of tape is well prepared after the things above are dried in the air overnight.

Tip 4: Using New Tape

The Process of Removing and Reusing Tape in Extension | COOVIPHAIR

The last step is to reapply the tape. It is not difficult with the hair extensions lying flat. You need to straighten the tape and then stick to the extension in a straight line. Once the sticking is finished in the right place you can cut the tape.
It’s suggested to look for hair technicians to carry out the tape reapplication. But if you can’t achieve the help, you need to practice well before real operation.
Besides, you should use proper shampoo product for washing before and after the application of new tape. But washing hair needs to be arranged after the tape sticking about two days later.


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