More and more people like to make balayage hair in the salons over the world. Dyeing has been popular for a long time while balayage hair has simply risen up in the recent years. The hair stylists have improved the balayage technique for years and expect to give a name to it. Balayage hair is becoming the main fashion steam to follow when celebrities and supermodels all over the world flaunt their sunshine, honey sweet hair color. So, we’ll talk more in this article.

Probably you are still not familiar with balayage hair. You may wonder if balayage hair can be DIY by yourself and what type of balayage hair is suitable for you. Don’t worry. In this article you’ll find everything you want to know about balayage hair. With help of this knowledge, you can become the favorite balayage style you hope.

What Is Balayage? 

What Is Balayage Hair: The Important Thins You Should Know | COOVIPHAIR

How does balayage hair look like? Ladies who have Balayage hair look like they are just having a vacation from the sun beach with their deep and dimensional hair.

Balayage is originally a French word which stands for “to brush” or “to paint”. It’s a type of hair technique that dyeing hair by hand. The final look of balayage hair is natural and you can’t tell the boundary line. The color of balayage hair is rich and diverse with the overall look reliving close and brilliant rays.

The awesome place of balayage is that you can designate the hair color at your request. You won’t have the totally same balayage color with others’ which stand out yourself in the crowd. It’s a really free style of painting.

Unveiling the Origins of Balayage Hair

Balayage hair began its stage from 1970s France, the great Carita Salon in Paris. People used to dye hair with frosting caps and foils at that time. While balayage applied cotton strip to roll up the dyed hair excluding of the un-dyed hair Balayage technique was full of perspicacity. Years later, balayage hair spread to America but was not highlighted at the beginning. Gradually it became popular with people in the past few years. Surely, we should attribute its success to those celebrities and super models such as Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Olivia Palermo. 

Balayage Compared to Highlights

In the past, foil highlights were popular with people especially when some celebrities brought about fashion like Nicole Ritchie in The Simple Life. But nowadays people care more about their hair smooth, fashion and easy-doing. Balayage is dyeing by hand onto the hair without saturation throughout the hair. Once stripe-like highlights were the favorite dyeing method by many people in the early 2000s. At that time balayage was less popular. Balayage is hand-painting work, while the highlights are relatively inconsistent. This leads to the gradual revolution of the dyeing technique and maintain a variety of beautiful, natural dyeing tones. Besides, it can assure that highlights technique in consistent with your haircut and natural growth status.

Ombré Compared to Balayage | COOVIPHAIR

Some people wonder if balayage technique similar to the other highlights technique. It’s kind of true but still quite different between each other.

Ombré is a French word and stands for "shadow". It’s a method grading the grading color from dark to light. The hair generally looks darker from the roots to the middle part and a gradual change to a lighter color from the middle part to the ends. This dyeing method is similar to cloth dip-dying technique. As said before, balayage means “to paint" or "to sweep" and it is a dyeing method strengthening natural-looking highlights.  Balayage colorant is painted via a small, triangular area of hair placed on a board or foil, thus ensuring the colorant is perfectly penetrated to the hair.  The dyeing for balayage technique looks natural with no clear transition borderline between the darker and lighter colors. What’s more, darker hair part at the bottom can make the hair look deeper and more dimensional. Balayage hair doesn’t need too much main maintenance for its natural transition. 

Balayage Dyeing Method

When operating balayage the dyeing technician brushes the hair dye onto the surface of hair, leaving it to seep into slowly. Meanwhile bleaching your hair from the lower half of your hair and dying lightly on top with help of foils can lead to a strong color change between two colors which presents natural at the same time.  

Should You Choose Balayage?

Balayage can give you a lot of surprises. You can come up with various hair styles you desire freely. Balayage is friendly to the people for the first try of dyes. Doing the balayage for yourself can help you make better decisions on choosing the dyeing method properly. You will find balayage on beachy, wavy hair looks beautiful while a bob hairstyle or straight hair just show you more drastic color blocking. For that you can ask advice from the hair stylist beforehand to ensure your choice is proper.

Can You Confirm If Your Balayage Hair Is Done Properly?

The characteristic of balayage is gentle, subtle, seamless blend. For the dyeing process, you need to make each hair piece dyed closely and lighter at the root. Then make it darker gradually towards the end with a more natural result. Balayage should also be applied only to the surface of the section of hair, not saturated throughout the overall hair. You can obtain this result with the help of clay dye to prevent drastic color stripes.

How to Confirm If Your Balayage Dyeing Is Successful?

Having an expert hair colorist in the process is necessary for making your dyeing more successful. The hair colorist needs to specify an appropriate dyeing color for you and operate the dyeing on your hair correctly. Rinsing is an important step in the dyeing process. Rinsing too early or too late affects the overall hair style. You need to make sure your hair colorist is professional before making the appointment with the salon. You can check the review on IG or Facebook to learn your colorist’s balayage performance. Even if you’ve experienced a failure on balayage, you don’t need to be too worried. The unsatisfied dyeing area can be fixed by melting down the color or Bad color jobs can be fixed with techniques like root melting or valuing the color. Any way the first thing you need to do is seek the professional for advice.

How Often Do You Maintain You Balayage?

Whether balayage or other hair dyeing methods, the expense is relatively higher and professional colorists are needed for these delicate coloring work. However, you don’t need maintenance too much to keep your charming hair color after your first balayage dyeing. With balayage, the border line of your hair color is subtle and the overall look is beautiful and natural even if with new hair growing-out. For the new beginner, you’re supposed to visit your hair colorist to strengthen the hair color two or three times, about every 6 weeks between each visit. After the hair color is settled, you can shorten the visit span to every four months. Certainly, you can book a common hair treatment to keep your hair healthy.  

Which Type of Hair Is Applicable to Balayage?

Balayage can be applied to different hair lengths and haircuts except for pixie cuts. For the short haircut it is difficult to complete the dye penetration without obvious border line. For long and textured hair, balayage is particularly appropriate as it can build up a sunshine and beachy look. Therefore, many ladies look forward to having longer hair for a more active and healthier look. Here we have knowledge for you to learn how to obtain long hair in a short time. Please feel free to click in for review.

How to Care for Your Balayage Hair?

Whenever you finish balayage, you need to use hair care products to protect your hair from damage just like other hair styling does. High-quality sulfate-free shampoo should be purchased to prevent the color highlight from clearing off. If you’re not satisfied with your hair color and don’t want to rush to salon for rescue, you can use the purple enhanced shampoo to wash out. It’s wise to learn the maintenance tips for your own hair style from your hair colorist so that your hair can be maintained in the best way.

Will Balayage Be out of Fashion Soon?

Many hair dyeing styles have gone away but balayage is different. Balayage has been popular for years since it started up in France and it’s believed that its period will go on with its natural, sunshine striking look. People may change their flavor in hair dyeing from dark color to light color, from warm style to cool style, but their affection to balayage will never die off by time.

The Reasons to Choose Balayage

1. Brighten up Your Hair in Warm Seasons

When you want to take a little change on your hair style for different seasons, balayage may be the first choice for you. Balayage can make your hair look natural and special in every season. The lighter hair color is suitable for spring or summer which brings people a brightened hope in the early time of the day and early days of the year. If you still want to be fully charming in autumn or winter, then you can try balayage with dark or chocolate tone which transforms your overall look without conflict.    

2. Make Good Use of Your Existed Highlights

When your old hair grows out, you don’t need to wash away your hair and re-dye. Instead, you can apply the balayage to blend your old highlights into the new dye coloring for a refresh look.   

3. Expended Color Dimension

With balayage, your hair color looks more natural and beautiful. You don’t need to be too worried that your hair looks strange or full of conflict with balayage because it’s a very gentle coloring method. Balayage works magically to obtain a gorgeous hair look just like the sunlight light up your hair accompanied with cool tone.

4. Low Cost of Maintenance 

Generally, hair styling needs the corresponding maintenance process to keep your hair healthy, moisturized and bright. That means you may visit the salon often to maintain your beautiful hair. Balayage hair can help you save the consumption in salon because its dyeing result doesn’t need frequent re-dyeing and adjustment.  But high quality of hair care products is demanded based on your preference of course. 

5. Applicable for Every Hair Type

Balayage is available for all hair types from long hair to short hair, from wavy hair to straight hair, from dark tone hair to light tone hair. The hair colorist knows what color tone and style is suitable for you. Only if you have a skillful hair colorist to help you can you achieve a satisfied highlight hair look.

7. Easy to Operate the Dyeing

The balayage color is painted on the surface of the hair cleverly by bleaching. The light-tone is mainly along the hairline around your face which results in an outstanding highlight effect overall.

8. Change Thin Hair to Thick Hair 

For people with thin hair, the balayage method can make your hair look thicker and chunkier. Actually, it’s just a visual effect of highlight color application. As for this you feel that your whole hair expands and becomes thicker.  

Here’re Some Tips for Preparing for Balayage?

 1. Search Instagram for Suitable Hair Style

Before stepping into the salon, you can view the likes on your stylist’s Instagram to see if the hair colorist’s skills qualified or not.  When you find that every customer shares the same balayage hair look, then that may not be the right colorist that can meet your requirement.  Balayage is expected to customize based on each customer’s hair nature, hair tone and hair style. Therefore, full communication with your hair colorist for balayage operation is very necessary. 

2. Prepare Pictures for Your Hair Style

Do you know why so many magazines are laid in the salon? This not only fills the boring waiting time in the salon but also inspires you to have the hair style you’re looking for. A picture saves a thousand words. You can pick out a picture to present to your colorist so that he can learn what hair style you really want which gets half the results with double the effort.

3. Appoint a consolation

Having a further talk with your hair colorist beforehand is important. You can listen to someone’s advice and open your mind to the hair tone and hair style you look forward to meeting. Most hair salons provide free consultation service. You can just feel free to learn what you should know before taking balayage. The questions to ask cover what tools are applicable specially for your hair, which part of hair should go first in the process and what color perfectly matches with your hair. 

 4. Dress up as Usual

Remember to dress up and put on your makeup like your daily style. In that way, your hair colorist can learn your personality well and pick up the suitable hair color for you.

5. Make your highlights in certain distance

Don’t keep the dyeing too close otherwise it may lead to lack of contrast. To avoid turning around the salon, just keep enough space between each highlight.

6. Achieve a Good Balance Between Warm and Cool Color Tone

No one likes gaudy hair style but the popular cool-toned hair color is easily flopped. So how can we avoid that happening? It’s necessary to make a balance between warm and cool toned hair style through clear communication with your hair colorist.

7. Select Lighter Color Shade Comparing to Your Natural Hair Color

It proves that two to four color shades lighter than your natural hair color let you look more natural and fuller of sunshine style.

8. Wavy or Thicker Hair Need Heavy Highlight

For people with curly or heavy hair, baby lights or light balayage can’t achieve the obvious coloring effect. You’re supposed to be clear what hair type you belong to and take a thick balayage when needed.

9. Think About Highlights and Lowlights

Most people may focus on highlights and neglect that balayage can also work well with lowlights. So, you can consider both highlights and lowlights for a better decision.

10. Hair Caring with Bond Enhancer

Are you curious as to why celebrities can apply dyeing frequently while their hair still shows healthy? Actually, they use the bond enhancer to help prevent their hair from too much damage of chemical dyeing product.

Is It Possible to Have a Balayage Style Without Coloring

The answer is yes. If you don’t want to apply dyeing and also love a balayage look, then hair extensions are wise choice. In COOVIPHAIR you can find out a variety of balayage hair extensions in different lengths, different tones and different styles.  The balayage clip-in hair extensions can be achieved with the seamless line and the whole extensions stick to the head naturally and closely without strange dispersing. Balayage clip-in hair extension is a very convenient way to help you realize the balayage hair style so that you don’t need to spend too much time waiting for the dyeing work in the salon. For people eager for balayage dyeing, you can make use of balayage clip-in hair extension for testing the fitness.