Many people are born with short and thin hair which disappoints them in appearance. That’s why the hair extensions come out. With that, you can appear with shiny and thick hairstyle.

Here is a nice little roundup of hair extensions that don’t damage hair. Read on and feel free to experiment with your look!


What Is the Best Hair Extension That Don't Damage Hair? | COOVIP


Will Hair Get Damage from Hair Extensions?

Some articles or programs would inform that hair extensions can do harm to the hair so that people should consider carefully before applying it and need to do a series of treatments in time for recovering your hairstyle.

Actually, if the hair extensions procedure is proceeded in correct steps carefully it doesn’t do harm to the hair as what is informed in the articles and programs on the Internet which terrify people a lot.

The following are about the disputable viewpoints related to hair extensions.

Will the Hair Extensions Look Different from My Real Hair?

It depends on what type of hair extensions you choose. Let’s introduce several bestselling types for you to get more knowledge about the hair extensions:

1.Virgin Slavic hair is very fit to those with thin and tender hair for its superior natural quality in hair color. And it’s a type of product with less toxic and chemical damage to the hair. Virgin Slavic hair is highly recommended for you to take a try and you are definitely absorbed by the comfortable experience from this product.

2.Russian hair is well known for its lightly thick and deep-colored hairstyle. And it can perfectly
match with various hair type such as straight, long, curly and so on. Besides the price of Russian hair is rather economical so many professionals especially the office ladies preferred it.

3.European hair not only has the advantages of Virgin Slavic hair and Russian hair. European hair is also suitable simply for ladies with born dense and thick hair for its nature of being thick and dense.

Are the Hair Extensions Too Heavy to Wear?

Some users reflect that their follicles have been destroyed after using the hair extensions. Others panic since they get a headache and hair loss. It’s true to tell the facts mentioned above.

1.There’re many types of hair extensions products such as adhesive glue, cotton pad, keratin and so on. In order to reduce the stress on your natural hair please control the usage quantities of the hair extensions no matter what type you try.

2.Somebody may ask about artificial hair extensions. It’s not recommended because it's too heavy and easily pulls your natural hair apart.

Do Hair Extensions Look Strange on My Head?

Actually, the tape-in hair extensions Comparing the tape-in and keratin fusion hair extensions, the latter one certainly fit on you with natural texture.

Therefore, you can choose keratin components for better choice to keep hairstyle look normal.

Do Hair Extensions Make Your Hair Dry and Weak?

Your hair can still get dry and weak without regular treatment even if you don’t apply hair extensions.

We have some tips for hair care:

  • Select a nonirritating shampoo proper for you
  • Don’t scratch too harsh when cleaning up your hair
  • Don’t apply oil which weakens the efficiency of keratin bonds and tapes
  • Remember applying nutritional and moisture treatment for your hair   
  • Comb up your hair lightly from the bottom to the end.

What do we come out from above? You can just go to the salon and have the technician do the hair extensions for you based on your trust in his perfect skills. No need to panic for any negative words from others about the hair extension.  Hair extension is safe for your hair with good care.  

If you’re looking for hair extensions with the least damage then go down to review the introduction of several hair extension types introduced following. After reading them, you will get better understandings on the hair extensions products and feel less confused in selection of a proper type of hair extension. Now let’s check which hair extensions with least harm.

 Tape-in hair extension can be maintained for a longer period compared with other types but it needs someone skillful at installing the hair extensions to handle the procedure.

 Clip-in extensions and invisible wire hair extensions are easy to put on and take off so that you can DIY at home freely. However, you can’t wear them for long for their binding way.  Though you can still find these products on COOVIP Hair.

Hair Extension Methods with Least Damages

1.Tape in Hair Extensions


What Is the Best Hair Extension That Don't Damage Hair? | COOVIP


As the long-maintained hair extension method, tape-in hair extension is also the mildest product sold on COOVIP. The reason for that can be concluded as follows.

Firstly, we designed the tape-in extensions mainly for people born with think hair. These people will pay close attention to the health of their hair. With that the tape-in hair extensions are made to meet the needs of them.

Secondly, the tape-in hair extensions of COOVIP are made of genuine human hair which lasts longer than other hair extension products. Besides, the tape-in hair extension offers various choices in color and length so that you can change your hair styles freely. It’s also comfortable to wear on your head without hurting. For that the tape-in hair extensions are very popular with people especially ladies from the upper-class society. 

a. Tape-in hair extensions stick firmly to your natural hair
b. COOVIP tape-in hair extensions help present natural hair style
c. They do no harm to the natural hair
d. COOVIP tape in hair extensions are suitable to thin hair
e. Favorite choice for famous people

2. Keratin Extensions


What Is the Best Hair Extension That Don't Damage Hair? | COOVIP


The second type of hair extensions is the Fusion hair extensions. The critical point for achieving the best effect with the keratin extension lies in the material of adhesive materials. Instead of huge keratin bonds, tiny bonds are supposed to be used for its light weight is easier to hold on your head. On the other hand, the huge keratin bonds probably make you feel uncomfortable if not installed in a proper way.

3. Sew in Hair Extensions


What Is the Best Hair Extension That Don't Damage Hair? | COOVIP


The last type of hair extensions is the sew-in hair extensions.  This method turns out to be premium hair extension due to its excellent texture in the raw material which comes from the pure hand-woven weft. Besides, its operation way is rather safe compared to those two hair extensions methods introduced. You can only tie the hair wefts to a slim braid crossing through the head.

We offer what our clients need forever. Our team has rich experience in developing and selling hair extensions products. So please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions about the hair extensions. We must give our best effort to meet your requirements.