What Makes Hair Extensions Dry? | COOVIP

Applying too much hair conditioning is not good for your hair even if you are wearing hair extensions of high grade such as Remy or virgin hair. Do you have any idea about the reason? Hair conditioning can make your hair extensions dry, hard and tangled. Many brands of conditioners contain silicone which turns a severe barrier on your hair extensions and your own hair.

It is believed that applying more conditioning would smooth your hair and add luster to your hair, but there’s a proper line between using a appropriate amount and overusing it. And that also can guide you how often to use the conditioner. Conditioners with keratin and proteins should not be used on hair extensions because protein is not necessary for your hair. It’s essential to balance both sides of hair conditioners and other leave-in hair treatment products. Being too kind to both is no good for your hair extensions.

A large quantity of hair conditioner and leave-in hair treatment products will have the severe effect on hair extensions. Silicone is a hybrid chemical content with the nature between rubber and plastic. This could prevent the hair from absorption of nutrition and moisture, thus causing the hair to dry and hard.


Wash your hair and wipe dry completely | COOVIP

1) Wash your hair and wipe dry completely. Apply a small amount of conditioning from the upper area of the hair to the ends. With the conditioners leaving in, brush your hair with a wide tooth comb for straightening your hair. Then wash your hair to remove all the conditioning contents thoroughly.

2) Wash your hair with an effective shampoo to clear off the conditioners completely. Don’t treat your extensions rudely. Make sure the conditioners are applied on your hair instead of the scalp.

Try apple Cider Vinegar | COOVIP
3) Try apple Cider Vinegar; Put 2 Spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar in a 12-ounce cup of warm water. After cleaning with shampoo, spray the solution throughout your hair extensions. The rinse will clear all leave-in hair treatment products from your hair.

4) Don’t do conditioner on your hair frequently. If you really need to untangle your hair extensions, then you can mix the conditioner with water in your hand and put on your hair with a little.
Green tea is a useful method for detoxifying your hair extensions | COOVIP

5) Green tea is a useful method for detoxifying your hair extensions, especially homemade green tea. Green tea can stimulate your hair follicles. Put 3 tea bags of green tea into the boiled water and leave soaked for ten minutes. After the tea cooled down add the tea rinse on your hair and scalp after showering thoroughly. Wait for 10 minutes and then remove it. Besides, drinking a cup of green tea is good for your health in respect of anti-oxidation.

There’s a variety of detoxifying products sold on the market, but DIY type is highly recommended for its low price and without extra harmful ingredients.

Balance is essential.  Drawing up your hair care plan based on your hair needs can yield results. It’s useful to consult your hair stylist for advice before carrying out your plan. Besides you also need to consider other factors that have impact on your hair extensions like climate change, swimming, hats or else.

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