Hair extension is a good way to lengthen your hair when you don’t wear long hair originally.  

It’s true that you can achieve your desired hair length in a proper way the hair extensions procedure should be conducted.   

Is it possible? The answer is definitely Yes. In order to make this come true, you still need to follow ways as follows:

  • Seek the help from an experienced hair extensions technician
  • Operate the procedures at regular period
  • Use the proper hair care materials

If you still can’t find an efficient method to make your hair look beautiful, then how about trying some new thing? Go on with the following to learn how hair extensions do magic on your hair style.


9 Things You Should Know: How to Make Hair Grow Longer | COOVIP


Find out the Reasons That You Can’t Get Long and Healthy Hair

Many ladies hope to grow their long hair naturally but somehow can’t make it. Others may grow very slowly with each inch for years.

As the old saying goes, a watched pot never boils. According to a related report, most people grow their hair in half an inch for each month, namely six inches a year. That’s normal case for most people but not for all.

When you realize your hair can grow as quick as the report shows you may act now to make some change.

Here concludes several points about the reasons that you can’t achieve long and healthy hair: 

1. Using Too Much Chemical Products Can Damage Your Hair  

Many people would like to apply coloring, perming or lighting in daily hair beauty, but these activities can damage your hair and make it dry and withered.

Let’s see what happens inside: the hair cuticles play an important role in protecting our hair from exterior damage. If exceeding chemical treatment is performed on the hair, then the hair cuticles will lose the protective power and make the hair less shiny and healthy. Besides your hair become no smoother to comb and grow split ends.  

Therefore, you should take care of your hair effectively and select mild chemical treatment methods.

2. Avoid Styling Your Hair When It’s Still Wet

Every hair stylist pre-dry your hair before performing other hair beauty work. The reason for that is the wet hair is subject to damage easily.

Neglecting pre-drying your hair will risk you losing the shiny and healthy hair.

3. No Washing Hair Every Day

It’s better not to wash your hair every day because the hair will get weaker and doesn’t look healthy as you expect.

Our scalp can create oil naturally to moisture our hair so as to keep it from getting brittle and fragile. Washing hair too frequently can remove the oil without which your hair growth will be affected.

4. Brush Your Hair in Wrong Way 

Certain friction occurs between your hair and the brush during combing which has a negative impact on your hair. Brushing hair 2-3 times a day is suitable to keep your hair from becoming brittle.

Untangling the strands from top to bottom is a wrong way which can do harm to your hair as combing your hair does. The correct way is to make it from ends to roots. In addition to the doings mentioned, you can read more related to this topic from a whole article here:

5. Improper Use While Blow Drying

Regular use of curler or blow dryer can destroy your hair and curb its growth. Avoid using high temperature settings with your blow-dryer or curler in daily hair care. In that case you may spend more time drying and styling your hair but long, healthy hair can stay as a result.

Suspend using a blow-dryer and heat-styling for a period if the hair already got damaged. Your hair can recover from a rest and become normal again.

6. Don’t Perform Rudely on Your Hair

Towel-drying, super tight ponytails, or using cotton scrunchies too often can cause tension

Just relax your hair from the tense. Care your hair in proper way and use mulberry silk scrunchies instead of cotton scrunchies. The change is noticeable very soon!

7. Hormone Malfunction

Hormonal imbalance is the main reason to slow the hair growth. Many women face against hormonal imbalance problem during their period due to low estrogen levels, testosterone, or progesterone. Hormonal imbalance can stop there from growing normally. What’s worse, the growth time will slow down and last long from one to five years.

8. Nutritional Problem

If you hope your hair can grow at a normal or fast pace, you necessarily make certain that your hair is gaining enough nutrition. Your hair needs contentious supplement of proper elements for living. It’s necessary to take in a certain number of nutritional materials such as protein, vitamins, minerals, and healthy oils and fats.

9. Mental Pressure 

Emotional stress can impact hair growth. Stress can also curb the production of hormones which play an important role in hair growth. In that case your hair can’t reach the nourishment and then stops growing


9 Things You Should Know: How to Make Hair Grow Longer | COOVIP


Hair Extensions May Help You Grow Hair

Probably many people tell their terrible experience with hair extension and how they destroy their hair. Some stories may be true but hair extensions can still be a good option for you to style your hair, and here’s the suggestions:

  • The extended strands become an extra shield to keep your hair from exterior attack.
  • Hair extensions can perform well as hair-styles on their own. You don’t need extra care or styling and what you can do is to seek a skillful technician to help us make a perfect hair style. If you want DIY at home, you can try tape in hair extensions on our We have complete information related to this topic-read it here.
  • Hair extensions are helpful for hiding your short-cut hair style whenever you make a pixie or bob hair look and save your time from going to the salon too often.  

COOVIP European hair extensions can meet your requirements with such advantages as soft texture, superior density and a variety of shades, no matter how high demanding the clients are.

COOVIP European hair extensions are easy to brush and style comparing to silicone-treated Asian hair which becomes dry after washing.

Another suggestion we provide is sticking hair extensions sparsely and evenly, leaving more space instead of unnecessary strain on your natural hair. 

Finally selecting a suitable shampoo is also important. Find a shampoo product sustainable for your hair by yourself or consult hair professionals. In addition to shampoo, the hair extension also needs other proper treatments such as protective oil, masks, conditioners.


9 Things You Should Know: How to Make Hair Grow Longer | COOVIP


How Long Does Hair Grown in One Month After Applying Extensions?

You surely want to know how long your hair can grow in a month. The answer is difficult to say correctly as basically each person is different from each other. Generally, a person’s hair can grow about half an inch each month.

Of course, you can expedite the growth procedure by taking vitamins under consultancy from your physician. Once hair loss happens you need to go for your doctor soon for a health check since a hormonal problem probably occurs.

You can check more information on our blog to see if hair extensions is suitable for you and the occasions that you can’t take it.

Either fusion or tape in hair extension is a good option when you’re considering lengthening long hair by hair extensions.


9 Things You Should Know: How to Make Hair Grow Longer | COOVIP


Extensions Types Suitable for Hair Growth

You can maintain your hair at desirable length without neglecting its health when the hair extension product is properly selected and correctly used.

Nothing is impossible unless you don’t have the right hair extensions and COOVIP Hair are always available to help you.

Please don’t hesitate to leave your comments under this article and it’s our pleasure to provide suggestions for you at our best.


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