Two Types of Nano Ring Hair Extensions

A Guide to Help You Decide: Choosing Between Metal and Plastic Nano Ring Hair Extensions | COOVIP

Have you ever heard of nano Ring hair extensions? This is a hair extension product with two types of rings, plastic and metal. If you have used nano Ring hair extensions, then you may think the one with plastic ring is much better than that with metal rings. The following article will tell you the reasons that the plastic nano Ring hair extensions deserve better. We can find that in several sides. Firstly, wearing plastic nano ring hair extensions is more comfortable, while the metal one can’t make you feel the same. The metal Nano Ring hair extensions are not flexible as the plastic ones so that you can feel a little tingle when put on the extensions. Tying the bond close to the scalp is also easier for plastic nano rings. Moreover, the plastic ring hair extensions can be adjusted by length based on the requirement of the customers. The metal ring method seems monotonous as it comes in one length. In this case, you can adjust the length of the ring. Plastic ring is not hard to cut by scissors. You can just cut the ring to the length at your preference.


A Guide to Help You Decide: Choosing Between Metal and Plastic Nano Ring Hair Extensions | COOVIP

It is known that Clip in Hair Extensions are not friendly to people with thin hair. Similarly Nano hair extension with metal ring can’t satisfy the users if their scalp is sensitive. Nano extension with plastic ring can help solve the problem related to sensitive scalp. We suggest that those new to nano extensions should go to salon for a try instead of DIY. The hair professionals will inform you how to wear the nano hair extensions. After obtaining the knowledge of wearing nano ring extensions, you can try by yourself freely.


Metal Vs Plastic Nano Ring Hair Extensions

If you never come in contact with nano ring hair extension product, you have no idea about the types of Nano fittings including plastic and metal.
No matter which type of nano ring hair extensions you select, they are operated in the same way. The difference lies in the fitting material, one of which is plastic tip and the other a metal one.
For the sake of our COOVIP customers, we offer nano ring hair extension products with a plastic tip.

A Guide to Help You Decide: Choosing Between Metal and Plastic Nano Ring Hair Extensions | COOVIP

1. Plastic Nano Ring Hair Extensions Are More Preferable

A plastic nano ring hair extension is preferable to a metal ring hair extension for different reasons.

2. Plastic Nano Ring Hair Extensions Are More Cozy

Many people agree that wearing plastic nano ring hair extensions is cozier than the metal one. The plastic ring is very soft which doesn’t sting the scalp when it’s attached to the hair. Therefore, you can feel quite comfortable even if you tie up your hair or sleep.

3. Plastic Nano Ring Hair Extensions Can Be Modified

Metal nano ring hair extensions are not adjustable for which the users can’t feel comfortable. On the contrary, the plastic ring can be cut shorter at the preference of the users although many people think the length of the ring is just fine and there is no need to modify.

4. Plastic Nano Ring Hair Extensions Are Friendly to People with Sensitive Scalps

Some people are sensitive to metal material so they can’t choose metal nano ring hair extensions. Plastic nano rings can help people avoid the trouble of scalp allergy. By selecting the plastic ring type, you don’t have the metal material to get contact with your head leading to the sensitivities problem. Although metal ring type is not safe for people with sensitive scalp, just a few cases have been reported. Besides, the nano ring doesn’t make contact directly with the scalp which also lowers the risk of contact with the head.

5. Best Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Compared to other types of hair extensions, nano ring should be considered as the trickiest one to operate as its ring is quite small. When applying the plastic ring hair extension, you need to make sure the appropriate quantity of hair is circled in the ring to make the bond sealed firmly. Wearing the nano ring hair extensions is more likely to face with the problem of slippage than other method. Customers should know this well before selecting the nano ring hair extension. It’s recommended to take care of your hair extensions every three weeks regularly for attaching on top tightly.

A Guide to Help You Decide: Choosing Between Metal and Plastic Nano Ring Hair Extensions | COOVIP


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