If you hope your hair grows more and longer, you can seek the help from hair extensions. Probably you may find it difficult to use the hair extension with a lot of hair extension types, wearing ways and hair care operations. In the following passages, we will answer all the questions you have in mind, including the ways and guides on the types that suit your hair extensions. Now let’s explore more about hair extensions for new ideas.

What’s Hair Extensions?

All You Need To Know About Hair Extensions: From Installation To Care | COOVIP


You’ll find it helpful by reading this article about the extensions as you can achieve more knowledge covering different sides.

Hair extensions is a method to attain long hair in variety style. Besides, you can make your hair changeable in different color and in different style. Genuine human hair or artificial fibers are the main material for producing hair extensions and the end products are colorful and textured.

Installation of hair extensions should be operated on by the hair technician. After installation, you need to maintain your hair extension in the right way so as to keep it long in life and in good condition. We will offer good tips for you to fulfill that.

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Various Types of Hair Extension

Various Types of Hair Extension | COOVIP

Hair extensions are friendly to people in thin hair and short hair. There’re too many brands of hair extensions sold on the market. Do you know how to pick one?

Here Introduces the Best Type of Hair Extension:

1. Clip-in hair extensions are the favorite type of extensions by many people because they’re easily installed and uninstalled. Meantime you can save the time of too often maintenance with clip-in hair extensions. In addition, you can put on your hair extensions by freely transforming the hair style from casual look to gorgeous pop star look.

2. Tape-in hair extensions are also a popular choice. This type of hair extension is completed by double-sided tape which can keep for four to eight weeks. It can reduce the rate of getting your natural hair hurt compared to other types of extension. The weak point are the price is a little higher.

3. Keratin bond hair extensions make use of keratin glue which can keep for 2 to 3 months. But it is not as friendly to your natural hair as tape-in or clip-in extensions are. Anyway, you still can enjoy a more charming look and style.

4. Microlink/micro bead hair extensions are a type of extension applying thin beads to tie your original hair by pliers. The material of beads can be chosen among plastic, metal, or ceramic.

The Way to Install Hair Extensions

The Way to Install Hair Extensions | COOVIP

When you think about hair extensions, then you also think about the way to put on the extensions. The following articles are about the specific guides on how to wear hair extension. You can become clear about hair extension soon reading it.

1. Since there’re various types of hair extensions for choice. You need to search for information about it to know the appropriate type of hair extensions you need before purchasing.

2. When picking up hair extensions, you need to consider the length and color inconsistent with your natural hair. That’s why you need to do research beforehand and it can save you time. The proper type of hair extensions should come close to the length and color of your own hair.

3. Ask for help from a skillful hair technician for installation of hair extensions. It’s a necessary step as installation is not easy to complete. You can get advice from your friends or view online for popularity of the technician before choosing.

4. Well arrange your schedule before going to the salon. You can spare more time to communicate with your stylist fully so as to relieve your confusion and meet your expectations before starting the real installation work.

5. Prepare your own hair for the installation process. Depending on the type of hair extension being

The Way to Maintain the Hair Extensions

The Way to Maintain the Hair Extensions | COOVIP

You look like you grow more hair and look charming with the hair extensions, meanwhile you need spend time doing the regular maintenance. Here are several tips about how to take care of your hair extensions.

- Comb your hair extensions periodically with a gentle brush to avoid knots. 

- Clean your hair extensions with proper chemical hair products. A mild shampoo and conditions specified for the hair treatment are required. Sulphates or stimulating chemical products should be excluded. 

- Dry your hair extensions with a towel softly whenever you wash your hair.

- Use a moisturized conditioner or hair care products so as to lock the water in your hair extensions.

- Try not to use a thermal tool on your hair extensions too often as it can hurt the hair extensions gradually. Hair spray against heat can be applied before using the heating tools.

- Keep your hair extensions in a cool and dry environment avoid direct sunlight. 

Choice for Moulding with Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are always the preferred option to make your hair look fashionable and in high volume. Different types of hair extensions can meet different requirements of people in terms of color, style and length. From this essay you can expand your vision on hair extension including installation and regular maintenance.

When you hesitate for styling hair extensions, just be sure that everything is possible. You can make your own style at your will no matter if it’s glossy look or big and wavy hair. You can also style your hair from the upper half or lower half. in a word, possibilities are full in life.

Expense of Hair Extensions

The expense of hair extensions can change based on various factors, like the length, the volume of your hair. Generally, clip-in hair extensions are averaged at 100 dollars. The tape-in hair extensions are about 700 dollars. The sew-in hair extensions are about 500 dollars. The glue-in hair extensions are on average 700 dollars. Certainly, you can obtain a more special price with the high quality from our coviphair.com.


We try to offer all the useful information in this essay for your reference on the hair extensions, covering installation methods, color and maintenance suggestions. You can feel free to make your hair look beautiful by trying your hair extensions with these instructions related to installation, styling and maintenance in right way.


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