Have you experienced spending hours flattening your thin hair from the early morning? Or have your natural short hair hardly stood or plump up? Here we’ve 5 friendly tips for you to revitalize your hair.

Boost Your Short Hair's Volume: 5 Tips You Need to Know | COOVIP

1. Use COOVIP Hair Extensions to Add Hair Volume

COOVIP hair extensions are perfect choice highly recommended for you to increase your hair volume and length in shortest time. If you have short hair, then you need to select the hair extension type more volume than your natural hair in order to integrate with each other better. Our client wears the 100g blonde series to fit for here natural short hair. To search for more information for the right type of hair extensions? Click in for a view.

Use a Volumizer Weft

To add more big volume, we recommend hair extensions with volumizer weft about 45g attached to your hair. When you put on your product COOVIP Weft, just pile up this weft onto the weft tied on the widest area of your head. In this way you not only avoid gathering too much hair at the backside of your head but also guarantee your hair looks thick and numerous.

2. Dry Shampoo

Many people find that their hair appears puffy after washing and becomes flattened slowly. Why for that? Because a kind of natural oil named sebum is generated from our scalp which can lead to the flattening of oil. Generally, sebum plays the role of protecting our scalp from infection of harmful bacteria. At the same time, it adds weight to the hair so that your hair looks oily and flat. How to solve that? Dry shampoo can help you settle this problem.

Dry shampoo is very useful in cleaning out the scalp oil, bringing your hair to life in a short time. Just divide your hair into several areas, smear a little dry shampoo and rub it into the hair root. In this way your hair can refresh soon. To make it cleaner, you can hold your hair up and clean your hair from the root near your neck with dry shampoo also.


Boost Your Short Hair's Volume: 5 Tips You Need to Know | COOVIP


3. Stereotyping Spray

Texturizing spray can help make our hair fluffy and look fashionable. If you have short hair or wear clip-in extensions, applying texturizing spray makes your hair look full of airiness. Rub your hair between fingers and spray the texturizing spray from the mid part to the hair end. Curl your hair and you can check the result!

4. Transfer Your Hair to Different Part

Your hair finally flattens after a period of time. To maintain your fluffy hair, you can try to change the hair area occasionally. For example, you can place your hair aside if your hair always stays in the middle. Or you can try placing it from one side to the other side. This way can help plump up your hair.

5. Brush Your Hair

Brush your hair to lift it up with teasing brush or square paddle brush. That happens shortly. Divide your hair into several areas and brush your hair backwards from the roots. In this process spray some stereotyping spray and brush over the top of your hair softly to untangle any knots.
Whether you wear short or long hair, you may have your own method to plump your hair up. Share your tips below and we’re looking forward to it.