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If you want to get rid of the matter hair by changing a short hairstyle, deep conditioner or moisture oil are worth a try. After applying these hair treatment products for some time, your hair would come smoother. You can feel more comfortable and less painful when brushing your hair with hair treatment even if the combing is still slow.

Tip1. Hair Treatments

Select a hair care product | COOVIP

1. Select a hair care product. Generally, an ordinary hair conditioner is enough to deal with hair-related problems. However, you may seek a more qualified hair conditioner product when the ordinary one can’t meet your requirement. Deep conditioners are good at providing perfect protection and moisture to your hair and make your hair easier to brush. Besides deep conditioners can increase smoother to your hair. Coconut oil, olive oil, or Moroccan argan oil are more suitable for people with afro-textured hair. When you don’t like to smash the oil on your hair, you can apply a spray product for detangling hair.
Mayonnaise may not be an ideal option for some people with its bad smell and unsatisfactory effect.

2. Get your hair wet gently. Spray your hair with water little by little, or hold it under a shower or dip it a little into the water. Many hair care products are used on wet hair. But don’t make it too damp as it turns to breakage easier.

3. Apply the hair care product on your hair. Generally, a handful of hair care products is applied while two handfuls are needed for those wearing long hair. Apply the treatment products thoroughly to your entire hair. To reduce the forming of more tangles, permeate the treatment to your hair from section to section instead of across your entire scalp at one time.

4. Keep waiting while the conditioners work on your hair. Ordinary conditioners only take a few moments to complete the whole moisturizing process. Coconut oil and similar oils takes more time, up to 30 minutes at least but not more than 2 hours. Deep conditioners remain for at least one hour, while overnight for special cases. It’s suggested to follow the package instruction when you use deep conditions.
To keep your hair neat and in order, put on a plastic bath cap, or a plastic bag tied with a hair ribbon. A tight-fitting hat over the plastic cap may help facilitate the whole work.

5. Loose the simple tangles with your fingers. Before the treatment comes into effect, you can try to untie the knots of your hair by sections. In this process, a portion of small knots can become smaller and knots near the scalp can be separated from the root side of the tangles.
You can’t lose all the knots in this step. When you find it hard to untie, change to another area for a try.

Tip 2. Brushing

Brush with a wide tooth comb | COOVIP

1. Brush with a wide tooth comb. A comb with strong, wide teeth is necessary for getting rid of your hair of serious tangles. Combs with narrow teeth are likely to come up with obstruction, driving you to pull your hair out or suspend combing.
Make sure to choose a brush with appropriately spaced teeth in case the smaller tangles slip out.

2. Brush your hair from the end. Keep brushing the matted hair first near the ends. Put the brush in a small space from the end of the matted hair and brush downwards. Brush several times until the section of the hair is not tangled. Then change the section to the slightly upper section and brush the hair as mentioned. Repeat such an operation until your hair is completely untangled. People with long and thick hair may spend about an hour to finish the work.

3. Lift your hair higher up to avoid pain. If your scalp is sensitive, lift a part of your hair when you comb. Grab a portion of hair about the thickness equal to a marker pen or glue stick between your fingers. Comb the hair from your scalp directly and twist the comb slightly. Brush this portion of hair below your hand,
moving your grip upwards after the hair below is straightened.

4. Add more conditioner or oil when needed. Drip a drop of conditioner or oil products on the hair tangles and knead it with fingers. In this way the hair strands attain lubrication and avoid too many knots.

5. Slim down the difficult knots with scissors. Some knots are still too difficult to straighten after your big efforts. You may need to slim it by cutting. Hold your hair tightly and slim it from bottom of the knot with scissors. Pull your hair to take away the loose strands.
If the knots stay for several weeks or months, cutting is the best choice to remove it considering the severe knots can’t be straightened only by combing.

6. Brush the hair with a fine-toothed comb. Use a wide toothed comb to straighten all the big-sized knots and tangles. Change a fine-toothed comb to clear the remaining small knots.

7. Rinse the hair treatments. Wash out hair treatments thoroughly when your hair is untangled. If your severely matted hair has been untangled enough, separate it by clamping each section of hair and rinse the treatment of each section at one time.

Tip 3. Protection

Apply a leave-in conditioner on your hair | COOVIP

1 Apply a leave-in conditioner on your hair. Leave-in conditioners can stay on your hair for several hours. With the condition taking effect, your hair gets hydrated and less fraying and frizzling occurs, unlike the case with dry hair.

2.Comb your hair when it is wet, but not dripped. The hair is too dry which makes it brittle and difficult to comb while it is too wet which causes breakage easily. Find the balancing point, brushing when your hair is wet after a bath, but not severely damp.

3.Tie up your hair loosely before going to bed. In this way you can avoid or ease the tangled hair after waking you every morning. Similarly, you can bundle your hair.

4.Pull apart the tangled hair slightly before washing. Some severe tangled hair styles need to be separated and clamped by sections like the afro-textured hair style. Unclip one section at a time when washing your hair, and clip them back before losing the next section. This operation can decrease the possibility of larger knots forming.
A gentle, low-suds shampoo without sodium lauryl sulfate is suitable for people with typically matted hair style.


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