On your wedding day, having a gorgeous hairstyle is crucial to looking elegant and stunning in photos. However, for those who are watching their budget, deciding whether to splurge on hair extensions can be a tough decision to make.

We recognize that buying hair extensions can be quite expensive, but with proper maintenance, they can last for several months. Instead of restricting their use to your wedding day, you may want to consider wearing them for all the significant occasions leading up to your big day.

We're here to ensure that you get the most out of your investment by sharing some styling tips that will allow you to utilize your hair extensions to their fullest potential before, during, and after your wedding day. With hair extensions, you have a wide range of hairstyles to choose from, making them perfect for events like your bridal shower, bachelorette party, honeymoon, and any other special occasions that come after your wedding celebration.

Hairstyle: Beach Waves | COOVIP

1. Hairstyle: Beach Waves

For a sophisticated and stunning hairstyle for your bridal shower, opt for long, flowing beach waves. This style is especially suitable for those with balayage or highlighted hair, as the waves seamlessly blend together to accentuate the range of colors in the hair. With this sophisticated look, you'll feel like royalty and are guaranteed to be the center of attention at your bridal shower.

Creating This Look: A Step-by-Step Guide

To achieve this hairstyle, you will require several essential tools and products, including a heat-protectant spray, a 1-inch barrel curling wand, sectioning hair clips, a wide-tooth comb, and a strong-hold hairspray. To elevate the look, you can also add your favorite hair extensions, which will take your appearance from princess to queen.

To begin styling your hair, divide your clean, blow-dried hair into four separate sections using hair clips. Start working from the back of your head, taking small sections of hair and applying heat protectant spray before curling them. Starting from the back is crucial to prevent disrupting the curls you have already created when working from the front to the back.

Using a heat protectant spray is crucial to prevent heat damage when using a curling wand. This product acts as a barrier between your hair and the wand, minimizing the risk of damage. After applying it from the roots to the tips of your hair, use a wide-tooth comb to spread the product evenly. If you prefer loose curls, take a larger section of hair, roughly half an inch in size.

When using a curling wand, it's important to use a heat protectant spray to avoid heat damage. This product forms a protective layer between your hair and the wand, reducing the likelihood of damage. After applying it from the roots to the ends of your hair, use a wide-tooth comb to distribute the product evenly. If you desire loose curls, take a larger section of hair that is around half an inch thick.

Begin curling your hair by taking one section at a time and wrapping it around the curling wand. Remember to keep each section on the wand for no more than 7 seconds to achieve soft waves instead of tight, springy curls. To prevent a single, large curl from forming, it's essential to alternate between curling towards and away from your face. This technique ensures that each curl is in opposition to the previous one, preventing any clumps from forming. Keep repeating this process until you have curled all of your hair.

To achieve a relaxed and flowing beach wave style, it's crucial to separate and loosen your curls. Begin by using your fingers to gently tease apart each curl until you've achieved the desired level of separation. Next, use a wide-tooth comb to gently comb through your hair, enhancing the natural wave pattern. To ensure that your waves last throughout the night, finish by applying a strong hold hairspray that will keep your locks firmly in place while you dance and enjoy the evening festivities.

To add an extra touch of sophistication to your long, flowing locks, you may want to consider using a neutral-toned flower crown as a stunning accessory.

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Hairstyle: High Ponytail | COOVIP

2. Hairstyle: High Ponytail

If you're looking to have a stress-free bachelorette party without hair getting in your face, a classic high-ponytail can be the solution. Not only is it a practical hairstyle that keeps your hair out of the way, but it also highlights your cheekbones and frames your face, providing a refined and sculpted look.

Here's how you can replicate this look

To achieve this style, you will require a few things: clip-in ponytail extensions that match your hair type (straight or curly), a loop brush, satin scrunchies, and a strong-hold gel or hairspray. For an added touch of sophistication on your special day, you can also incorporate decorative hair clips.

Begin by detangling your hair using a brush or comb, then gather it and secure it with a satin scrunchie as high and tight as possible. If you have curly hair, avoid using cotton or metal-based scrunchies as they can cause dryness and breakage, especially if worn for extended periods. Instead, use a satin-based scrunchie to keep your hair hydrated, moisturized, and damage-free. Once you've tied your hair up to your desired height, attach your clip-in ponytail by using the interior combs to wrap it around and secure it in place.

To achieve a smooth high ponytail, the following step is to apply a strong-hold gel or hairspray to the top section of your hair. This will help to control any flyaway and provide your ponytail with a refined finish. To complete your look, add some pearlescent hair clips as a final touch.

To add a touch of glamour, consider placing the hair clips above the nape of your neck, just below the ponytail. These bachelorette hair accessories can elevate your hairstyle and add a touch of pizzazz. After a night of fun, unwind in a cozy satin robe (and perhaps consider getting matching ones for your friends) and enjoy romantic comedies on Netflix as you prepare for your big day. To maintain your hair's appearance, sleep on a satin pillowcase that matches your chic robe the night before your wedding. This helps to retain moisture in your hair and prevent frizz.

Chignon Bun for Your Honeymoon | COOVIP

3. Chignon Bun for Your Honeymoon

The chignon bun is a classic and refined hairstyle that radiates sophistication. It's a neat and uncomplicated style that emphasizes your stunning facial features. Similar to the high ponytail updo, the chignon bun is both practical and chic, making it fitting for any event where you want to look your finest, whether it's a wedding or a fancy dinner date. Therefore, if you're searching for an elegant updo that's both functional and fashionable, the chignon bun is the ideal option!

During a honeymoon, every moment spent with your significant other is valuable, and having a low-maintenance hairstyle is essential. The chignon bun is an exceptional option for a straightforward yet sophisticated look that won't demand too much of your time. It's perfect for a honeymoon since it's gentle and delicate, enabling you to unwind and rest without being preoccupied with your hair. If you're in search of a hairstyle that's easy to maintain and won't disrupt your peace and tranquility, the chignon bun is the perfect choice.

Achieving This Look: Step-by-Step Guide

To achieve this uncomplicated and natural hairstyle, you'll need a few essential items: a scrunchie, bobby pins, a curling wand, rollers, and the previously mentioned pearlescent hair clips. Additionally, for increased fullness, you can use a clip-in bun to create additional thickness. With these tools, you'll have everything you require to replicate this minimal and easy-to-manage style.

To start, divide your hair into two sections that frame your face and secure them away while you work on the remaining hair. Using the scrunchies, make two loose low ponytails, one on top and the other at the bottom. Afterward, gently fold each ponytail into a semi-circular shape and secure it with bobby pins. To ensure that the bobby pins blend in seamlessly, it's crucial to use ones that match your hair color.

To elevate your appearance, style loose curls with the face-framing sections you set aside earlier. If you prefer not to use heat on your hair, you can try heatless curls using Velcro rollers. The length of time required to achieve curls without heat will rely on your hair's capacity to hold a curl, but it typically takes between three to five hours. This technique is a fantastic option to use heat styling tools and can assist in preserving the health of your hair.

For individuals with extremely straight hair, it's advisable to keep the Velcro rollers in for an extended period to guarantee that the curls set appropriately. However, if you prefer to spend your time unwinding and taking pleasure in your honeymoon, you can apply heat protectant to your hair (remember to comb it through with a wide-tooth comb as we mentioned earlier) and curl the face-framing sections for approximately five seconds each. This technique enables you to enjoy the rest of your trip without any concerns. If the face-framing curls appear too tight, don't fret. Within an hour, primarily if you're honeymooning in a tropical climate, the curls will relax into gentle waves.

Chignon Bun for Your Honeymoon | COOVIP

4. Braided Bun for Your Wedding Day

The long-awaited day has finally arrived, and you can feel the excitement growing from the moment you wake up. When it comes to picking a hairstyle for your wedding day as a bride, nothing surpasses a braided bun. It's a blend of functionality and elegance that makes it an excellent option for keeping your hair away from your veil and emphasizing your stunning features for your significant other. A braided bun is the flawless hairstyle to guarantee you can relish every moment of your wedding day while looking exquisitely graceful.

Achieving This Look: Step-by-Step Guide

To achieve this hairstyle, you'll require several things: a curling wand, bobby pins, a satin scrunchie, and a strong hold hairspray.

When heading to your wedding destination, it's essential to use a container to maintain your hair extensions in pristine condition. To style your hair, begin by separating two thick face-framing sections at the front and securing them for later use. Take 2-inch-wide hair sections for each curl and apply heat protectant spray before using the curling wand. Hold the wand to each section for a maximum of five seconds to produce soft, relaxed curls. For optimal outcomes, curl only halfway down the hair shaft.

While curling your hair, indicate the center of each curl by using a bobby pin. After completing the curling process and placing a bobby pin in the center of each curl, separate the uncurled hair ends into three parts and create a braid that extends to the very tips of your hair. 

Unfasten the two thick face-framing sections and braid them down before securing both braids with bobby pins. Then, utilize the braid formed from the center of your hair down to the ends to construct a low chignon braided bun. For a Bohemian-inspired look, pull out a few fine strands of hair from the bun. Lastly, finish your hairstyle by applying hairspray with a strong hold.

Absolutely, these steps are all that is necessary to produce a majestic braided bun that is suitable for a princess.


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